E-Newsletter Application

The Grand Lodge Statute, section 1.115, requires that we receive your approval to email our official communications and our Monthly Newsletter to you. If you choose not to receive official communications by email, they will be mailed by the postal service.

The emailed newsletter is in color while the mailed newsletter is black & white. Upon confirmation of accurate information, you will be added to the mailing lists.

Yes, I would like to receive official communications by email. Please sign below:

Lodge Name & #: ______________________________________________________

Name: __________________________________ Member Number: ___________

Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Your email will be used to send other communications like our ‘Sometimes Weekly’ Eblast. The Eblast contains current volunteer information and upcoming events at Evergreen and other local Lodges or State conventions.

Email: __________________________________________________________________

This form may be mailed to the Secretary, POB 298, Evergreen, 80437 or emailed (see below) or dropped off at the Lodge or in the Club.

Thank you,

Laura Harms



Please remove this portion and add us to your email contacts:

Secretary: bpoe2363@evergreenelkslodge.com

Eblast: bpoewebmaster@evergreenelkslodge.com

Exalted Ruler, Jack Jordan: jackjordanroofing@gmail.com

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