Loot for Laradon – 9th Annual Silent Auction


Loot for Laradon
5TH Annual Silent Auction

to be held during the Spring Quarterly at Lone Tree.

Participation is easy!
1st) come up with an idea (think out of the box!)
2nd) put your item together (nothing is too weird)
3rd) send or bring your item with a list of contents to the
Spring Quarterly, in Lone Tree, April 27th-29th
4th) bid on items to win-proceeds going to Laradon
(no actual alcohol products in baskets while on

There are 3 trophies of recognition: 

1) To the Lodge with the most items donated
2) To the Lodge that makes the most money
3) To the individual whose item/basket makes the most

We are also in need of people to help with setup & collection

Questions?? Contact: Sarah 719-640-2631 or Kathy 719-650-1140

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